Preventing WannaCrypt as simple as running your updates, says Daniel Winson

If you see this message you're already infected.
If you see this message you're already infected.

One of the Riverina’s leading computer security experts says the newest global cyber attack could have been avoided if people simply updated their computers.

Across the weekend a new form of ransomware called WannaCrypt, where files are encrypted until a ransom is paid, crippled thousands of computers and locked up essential services including hospitals in Britain, FedEx in the United States and Telefonica in Spain.

Cyber-security specialist Daniel Winson said it exploited a bug in Windows systems that had been known about since March. Even worse for those infected, Microsoft had put out a patch to solve the problems weeks ago.

“Everyone needs to run their Windows updates to avoid being infected,” Mr Winson said. “They’ve even released a patch for Windows XP, the first one in three years, that’s how bad this is.”

It’s not just a problem for Windows users either, Mr Winson said, with Apple computers attracting more attention from cyber criminals. He said people should regularly update their computer and keep backups.


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