Martial Artist Judd Reid visits Griffith

Griffith was treated to a visit from one of the world’s most prominent martial artists over the weekend.

Judd Reid was in Griffith as part of a two-month tour and passed on the knowledge he has gained over his years as a martial artist.

Reid won the WKO world championship of karate in 2010 after a successful 20-year career on the tournament mat.

But his greatest accomplishment came after he retired from competitive fighting, when he successfully completed the 100-man Kumite in 2011, fighting 100 black belt experienced karate fighters in a row, something only a handful of martial artists around the world have achieved.

At 19 years old, Reid was invited to Japan to train under the legendary Sosai Mas Oyama in the elite Young Lions program. 

For 1,000 days, Reid endured the most vigorous training in the world among the most Spartan conditions, far from home and unable to even speak the language. 

Reid did persevere and eventually becoming the first foreigner ever to graduate Sosai Oyama’s Young Lions program.

Riverina Martial Arts owner Frank Cirillo said it was great to be able to learn first hand from the founder of the style fighters in Griffith follow.

“It isn’t often you get the chance to be taught by someone who has first-hand experience,” he said.

“The seminar Reid conducted was basically what the founder taught him during his 1000 days training it wasn’t watered down at all.”

Cirillo said the four-hour seminar involving training of fighting components and tactics was a great experience for all involved.

“He taught with such enthusiasm and energy,” he said.

“Even though he is so well known he enjoys giving back to the grass roots from the young kids up to the adults.”

Reid feels no one should ever give up on their dreams saying anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

“If you’re willing to work hard and sacrifice, you can achieve anything you want in life,” he said.

“All of your goals and dreams are within reach if you are willing to give your best 100 percent of the time and never give up.”