Three police officers assaulted across the region

A woman who punched a police officer in the face on Banna Avenue on Saturday night has been arrested in what was an aggravating weekend for police across the region.

The 42-year-old woman came across police while they were responding to a job at a hotel.

The woman approached officers wanting to get into the hotel, when she became aggravated and began swearing at police.

As police tried to stop her, the woman punched an officer in the face, with enough force to leave a laceration. She was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer.

Meanwhile a 25-year-old woman has assaulted two female police officers after they forcibly removed her from a Wagga pub on Saturday night.

Inspector Peter McLay said security had told the woman to leave because of her drunkenness and antisocial behaviour.

The woman allegedly struggled with police as they put her into a wagon and again when they tried to take her out at Wagga Police Station. Inspector McLay said she will be issued with a court attendance notice for a number of offences.