Ali Ratcliff will be head lining the Regional Theatre show casing his new album 'Into The Light'.

Griffith will once again have the opportunity to be astounded by the remarkable talents of Ali Ratcliff and his army of home-grown talent when he showcases his new album Into the Light next week.

After the successful launch of Ali’s album Apostles Yard with what onlookers could only be described as a musical spectacular, the Griffith’s Regional Theatre once again will make for the perfect arena for this musical genius.

Ali believes launching his new album at the theatre in all it’s glory may also be an opportunity to expose Griffith’s musical masters, lighting gurus and sound bosses.

“Last year was great and I was really impressed with the support of Griffith,” Ali said.

“They took a chance and gave us an opportunity and I’m really grateful.”

“Griffith really (got) behind it we had great numbers, we did the same numbers as Ian Moss and Johnny Diesel.” 

Never before had Griffith seen a professional rock experience by an individual to the extent of Apostles Yard, Ali built the band wrote the songs oversaw the sound and lighting as well as the production.

“I surrounded myself with professional people first and foremost,” Ali explained.

“Everyone that came to the show was a professional in their own right.”

Hand-selecting cameramen, lighting, sound crews and musicians his audience was in for an experience.

“I needed to be with people I knew could deliver, when it came to the crunch I needed people to deliver what I felt I was delivering as a writer,” Ali explained.

“It was a risk but I was with the right guys to risk it.

“To be an unsigned artist, to have the theatre as my base … I was like wow this could really do something really special.”

Apostles Yard was not only a professional accomplishment but also personal, as Ali fought his inner demons battling anxiety.

“I came from huddled in a room not wanting to see anyone to writing producing an album and putting on that amazing show a year later,” Ali explained.

Ali has taken what he had from Apostle Yard and moved on.

He has gone on a slight tangent with his new album Into the Light with a big back drop of reggae. 

“I don’t know where that has come from because I don’t sit around listening to reggae, there is a soul, R&B vibe in it that sounds like Bill Withers and Seal,” Ali said.

“I have nine tracks in this new pocket this new groove, its definitely morphed.”

Tickets are on sale at the Griffith Regional Theatre for shows to be held on Thursday, April 27 and Friday 28, with special guest Genevieve Chadwick.


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