Griffith author Lawrence Del Gigante launches his sci-fi novel

What happens when Earth finally finds intelligent life on another planet? We colonize it and fight over it. 

At least that's the vision depicted in Griffith born-and-bred author Lawrence Del Gigante’s science fiction novel Crisis on Kepler, launched at Griffith City Library last Thursday. 

The self-published book – influenced in part by the author’s experience interning at the United Nations Security Council – is about the USA and China’s struggle for inter-galactic supremacy in a futuristic universe.

Mr Del Gigante, now living in Canberra, returned to his home town to tell a packed house about his book, and about how emerging authors can bypass the big publishing companies to get their writing to consumers.

“It’s so difficult and expensive for new authors to get published in print. You pitch to an agency, and wait two months for a reply. Then if they ask you for your manuscript you wait another four months for a response,” he told Area News.

Wanting to write rather than wait for replies, he self-published through Amazon, where fans can purchase the book online.                             –OLIVER JACQUES