Bakers Delight prepare for Easter

With Easter on the horizon the hot cross bun production has been stepped up right across Griffith.

Bakers Delight are one of the bakeries around Griffith who are preparing for one of the biggest weeks of the year according to owner Sheradine Turkington.

“Good Friday will be our biggest day,” she said.

“Our hot cross buns are about 20 per cent of our sales at the moment and we are right up near the top of the Bakers Delight network.”

Mrs Turkington said it was the demand coming from the Griffith community keeping them really busy.

“There was this whole controversy that you can't have them out too early,” she said.

“Coles had them out on I think it was Boxing Day and that is too early but at the end of the day I think we brought ours out mid-Febuary.

“At the end of the day of people don't want them they won't buy them and they started buying them.

Mrs Turkington was also surprised by how popular their latest creation of apple and cinnamon hot cross buns which have been clearly outselling both choc chip and traditional.