Area News TRAVEL: How much is your life worth to you?

'How much is your life worth to you?'

A pretty heavy handed question that makes you stop and think.

In travel this question is posed every single day.

'Here is a quote for travel insurance' ... 'How much is your life with to you?'.

It is the part of the holiday that is the most important, however it seems to be the part that for one reason or another, is typically neglected until the last minute, or declined all together. 

Why? Because people have the perception that 'it won't happen to me'.

Nothing has happened before, why would it happen now?

There is a first time for everything, and when something does happen and you need urgent medical attention in a third world country, who will you turn to for help?

Based on a survey of Australians' Travel Insurance Behaviour by the Insurance council of Australia and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade conducted in April 2016, 41 [per cent of Australian adults traveled outside of Australia in the prior 12 months, this equates to 9,943,291 Australian adults.

Eight per cent did not have travel insurance when they traveled, this equates to 843,291 Australian adults traveling without travel insurance. Medical costs vary from country to country.

In America just going to the emergency room to see a doctor could cost you thousands, if you needed to stay in hospital for five nights, you would be looking at upwards of $10,000.

Try needing medical attention in a third world country, where they don't know English, you really want someone on your side to find out what they are planning to do to you, and to get you out of there to a first world five-star hospital.

While travel insurance is an extra expense, that extra money could go a long way to making sure that you are well looked after overseas, or your parents don't have to mortgage their house, if anything happens to you.

When I am thinking of booking my next holiday, the expression 'If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel' resonates loud and clear in my mind. 

Next time you are planning a trip, ask yourself from the start 'How much is my life worth to me?', 'Can I afford to not to insure my life?'.