Coach Education seminars in Griffith

Coach Education seminars were the talk of the week as Football NSW conducted courses and workshops in Riverina led by Oscar Gonzalez as enthusiastic participants took in key lessons via skill and drill sessions.

The objective of the seminars were to provide players with a better football experience at both training and matches as Gonzalez provided these insights through various courses and workshops he conducted during the course of the week.

Local Coach Development Manager for Griffith, Ross Morgan, welcomed the arrival of Football NSW and its Regional roadshow concept.

“We have decided that helping our coaches and parents is one of our main focuses this year. 

“Organising this evening was very important to us and the turnout of nearly 30 coaches show that people are keen to learn and we are keen to support that learning.

The turnout of nearly 30 coaches show that people are keen to learn and we are keen to support that learning.

Ross Morgan

“The coaches were really impressed with the fact that if they register correctly through MyFootballClub, they will also receive weekly training sessions to help them plan and prepare for each training session.

“The evening was a huge success and for the coaches and parents to actually see Oscar work with young kids, many of them that have never played before engaged for almost two hours was a real lesson for us all.”

Gonzalez was impressed with the turnout the Riverina Roadshow received, which in his years of coaching, was one of the best attended ones yet.

“In all the years I have been conducting courses and workshops in Griffith, this is by far the largest with around 40 people attending. 

“This shows that parents are keen to learn and provide a better session for their kids and that should be respected.”

Angelo Cirilo, President of Griffith Football Association promoted the fact that he wanted to continue these Football NSW visits and Roadshows for the better development of the game within the regional area

“We are keen to keep the process going and this is a key component of our strategic plan to help our coaches help our players. 

“We have given Ross the responsibility to lead this process and he will be working closely with Oscar to ensure we can provide the very best for our coaches.”