Nitro Circus team try out Griffith's skate park with local kids

If there is one thing the team at Nitro Circus know, it is skate parks – and they are set to weigh in with their two cents, providing their suggestions to local member Adrian Piccoli as Griffith gears up to re-design a new facility.

Professional riders made a surprise visit to the city’s skate park on Thursday afternoon, demonstrating their death-defying skills with kids from the Griffith PCYC’s drop in program.

“It has been actually unreal spending time here with the kids, I was super surprised to see this kind of skate park out here, it’s unreal to see,” BMX rider Andy Buckworth said.

An undervalued asset in many communities rider Jed Milden said the potential for skate parks to enrich kids’ lives should never be underestimated, welcoming news Griffith had received grants to build a new one.

“Sometimes they can be seen as a bad place to hang out but so much good can come from it, you get instant role models,” he said.

“This is where it all starts, it can be a feasible career – all of us are lucky we had good skate parks growing up.”

The world-famous stunt riders and dare devils from Nitro Circus entertained the rest of the city at the Griffith Showgrounds on Friday night with large-scale death-defying tricks in front of a packed crowd.