Joggers posting speedy times

FAST: Gianni Chiappin lopped a minute off his time.
FAST: Gianni Chiappin lopped a minute off his time.

Steven Bourke rose to number one last week in the Feral Joggers run on Scenic Hill and repeated the result this week.

Moreno Chiappin finished a cruel second or two off the pace in second.

Anthony Trefilo was third, Aidan Fattore was fastest at fourth, Brian Bellicanta fifth and Roy Binks sixth.

Jeremy Woodhouse, Keith Riley and Graeme Lyons claimed their first top 10s while Rodney Savage was 10th. Sharon Careri was fastest with a PB of 32:50.

In the short run, Gianni Chiappin chopped another minute. Louise Gunn ran faster by a minute and is gaining confidence thanks to coach Tara at third.

Four of the best six times for the competition were set by Isabella Salmon 15:34, Mia Stockwell 17:25, Hamish Gunn 14:27 and Angus Gunn 15:23 while Connor Bourke was not far off his best of 13:45. Remember next week there’s a choice of 3km or 10km, there is no 6km. The joggers run Saturdays at 5:30pm from the water tower opposite Pioneer Park.