Woods aiming for a placing at Arnold Classic in the men’s physique open division

Nutella and pepperoni pizza – those two things have been on Daniel Woods’ mind for quite some time now.

The cravings have been so bad that he’s been dreaming about the foods.

“Last night I was thinking about combining the two together,” Woods told the Area News on Thursday.

But Woods won’t touch them. Well, not until the bodybuilder has competed this weekend that is.

Woods, originally from Griffith but now living in Western Australia, will compete at multi-sport festival the Arnold Classic – which sees competitors from all over the country converge – in the men’s physique open division.

The Griffith native comes into the Arnold Classic on the back of a second placing at the O’Mara Classic – the Western Australia state titles.

He narrowly lost – by just one point – to Jeremy Soh at the O’Mara.

Soh was a red-hot favourite for the event and for Woods to come so close to the win, has him feeling better than ever heading into the Arnold Classic. 

“A lot of people said he’d [Soh] walk away with it but I knew I’d do a lot better than people were saying. So, to only narrowly lose, it’s boosted my confidence so much,” Woods said.

“I’m in the same height category so I’ll be up against him [Soh] again.

“There’s Jeremy and a couple other guys who are going to do very well but to know I only just lost against the national winner from last year, I know I’m up there and I’m aiming to place, if not win.”

The pay off has come from plenty of hard work.

In last year’s Arnold Classic, Woods competed in the men’s physique novice division.

After that, he put on 24 kilograms over the off-season as he made the jump up into the open division.

Then, the cutting began and the results are impressive to say the least.

“I cut about 75 per cent of that to gain seven kilos of lean muscle,” Woods said.

“It’s phenomenal, I’m very happy with that.”

Whether it be from his base in Western Australia or back home in Griffith, the support that Woods receives is what drives him every day.

“I get a lot of support from Griffith and it just motivates me to keep going,” he said.

“When I have 2.30am wake ups before work – to have someone from Griffith say ‘you’re doing great, keep it up’, it makes it a lot easier.”

Woods shows his thankfulness for that support with trips to Griffith a couple times a year.

“I go back to Griffith twice a year and will be continuing that to help Cory McKenzie with Shailyn Williams to run a program to help the young kids in Griffith,” Woods said.

“Teaching them how to eat properly and the benefits of exercise.

“That’s always been a goal of mine throughout this fitness journey – to come back and teach the young ones about fitness and how a healthy lifestyle can help both physically and mentally.”


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