Sentencing needs to be tougher, consistent

ALL too often in the news, both locally, nationally and overseas, there are stories of women being hurt, abused and killed by their partners. 

There was a case in Griffith recently involving domestic violence, but for the crimes committed, the punishment was one many would believe was too lenient. 

It is time the courts became tougher on these offenders, particularly if it has happened before. 

The stories heard in the media about women being killed by their partners are tragic and it always seems the perpetrator has attacked them before or broken an apprehended violence order. 

If these aren’t signs the offender will keep going and hurting their wives or girlfriends before it’s too late then what else is? 

Courts, magistrates and judges all need to become much tougher when it comes to handing down sentences on these matters. 

Violence against women should not be tolerated in any circumstance. 

This is an issue that is becoming spoken about more often, but still more needs to change. 

It is not okay that in today’s day and age men still view women as “their property” simply because they are or have been in a relationship together. 

It is not okay for women to feel too scared to tell anyone or seek help. 

Attitudes need to change and change quickly. 

The police are out there doing a fantastic job helping these victims and making sure all of their T’s are crossed and I’s dotted before these matters go to the court. 

Surely sometimes they hear a verdict or sentence being handed down and would shake their heads in disbelief. 

Of course the average Joe doesn’t know the inner workings of the legal system and why it seems many of these sentences are too light. 

Is it an overcrowding issue in the country’s prison system? 

If that’s the case, that is also an issue that needs sorting. 

Courts can’t just be giving out “light sentences” purely because of an overcrowding issue and it certainly doesn’t send the right message. 

Offenders need to be punished for their actions and the long-lasting pain they cause. 

A sentence too lenient sends a message that it’s okay to behave like this and it most definitely is not. 


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