Council say there is no one fix for lake's issues


COUNCIL is determined to find a solution for Lake Wyangan’s water quality issues but says there is no simple fix and will call on the community for feedback.

This comes after the Lake Wyangan and Catchment Management Strategy, an extensive investigation into the lake's water quality issues, was made public on Friday.

The report, which took about a year to produce and cost $140,000, found the contributing factors to the existence of Blue-Green Algae to be complex and determined there is no one management action which will resolve the situation. 

Investigators analysed the characteristics of the sediments, measured temperature, analysed records, determined methods to best forecast a bloom before it occurs and assessed the catchment runoff and catchment flora. 

“This has been necessary to ensure site-specific treatments are identified rather than a shotgun approach that might waste public funds without a reasonable chance of success,” Director of Sustainable Development Neil Southorn said.

The report provided new insight about existing treatments and delivered a number of short-term and long-term options to best manage the lake’s water.

“Until recently, it was felt simply adding fresh water into the Lake would be a satisfactory treatment," Mr Southorn said.

“Adding water alone has proven unsuccessful in significantly reducing algal blooms and in periods of dry weather comes at a significant cost to Council.”

Various products and treatment options are available but due to the complexity of the issues Mr Southorn said further planning and discussion is required before acting on any recommendations. 

“The types of in-lake treatments include water circulation and artificial aeration, but the study has been necessary to determine whether this might be successful and how this might be achieved," he said.

Council asks the community to review the reports on the council website and offer feedback.