Senate proposal: Farmers, grow cannabis and help the economy!

A MAN who believes cannabis could be "the answer to most of Australia's economic and medical problems" has listed Griffith as an ideal location for the production of medical cannabis for an extensive trial.

Gary Anderson has put forward a proposal in the Australian Senate for the largest medical trials in history and a People's Cannabis Industry Investment Bank Cooperative.

The 32 page submission is number 142 Inquiry into the Trade and Foreign Investment (Protecting the Public Interest) Bill 2014 and is available for download in full from the Senate Website.

Mr Anderson, founder of the Songs of Freedom and Dances of Peace Revival, said farmers across NSW were starting to get their heads around this proposal and doing their sums.

"I have listed Griffith as one of the towns who may be able to co-ordinate production of the full quantity needed for these trials. This is not because of previous history. I just thought of Griffith as a reasonable size, strong farming town," he said.

"After reading that submission people are watching documentaries on YouTube about Forbidden Cancer Cures, The Rockefeller Allopathic Medical Conspiracy, The Big Cannabis Oil Lie and Banker's Wars. It's not too difficult to get the true picture.

"Cannabis is the solution for most of our nation's economic and medical problems, with the possibility to create hundreds of billions of dollars annually in a full-employment economy, through sustainable, broadly-based industry and save many billions of dollars through a far more-effective, far less-expensive medical system."

Mr Anderson said an in-depth medical trial to confirm cannabis oil's effectiveness in comparison to pharmaceuticals was needed to get the ball rolling. "I am pushing for testing on cannabis medicine not to be the usual testing against a sugar pill for symptomatic relief, but against the latest medical pharmaceutical treatments for symptom relief, preventative medicine and cure," he said.

The 60-year-old, who is based in Sydney, is planning a state-wide tour to promote the concepts and is looking for interested farmers.

"I need any farmers who can provide a quotation for supply of 1,000 metric tons or more of medicinal grade cannabis buds, if all the legalities were set prior, who can access suitable seed," he said.

"Farmers who can provide a quotation for supply of 1,000 metric tons or more of medicinal grade cannabis buds, if all the legalities were set prior, as long as suitable seed was provided.

"Any township willing to seriously contemplate the management of the manufacture and processing of the total cannabis oil required for the trials, or a significant portion. Independent growers in Australia who could supply suitable seed.

"And any seed company world-wide capable of bulk supply of seeds to produce the quantity of plants required to produce the required amount of medicinal oil.

"I would simply like this remarkable medicine to be available to everyone who can benefit from it at the price it should be as an agriculturally grown product, and see enormous industry create full employment across the country."

According to Mr Anderson The People's Cannabis Industry Investment Bank Cooperative (PCB) is designed around the concept of no interest loans to profit share enterprises in medical and industrial cannabis, and no interest/ no fee depositors.

"The bank is structured to supply security to depositors that their investment in the bank can always be redeemed for cannabis materials, products and medicine. GFC proof, QE Unlimited proof," he said.

"The bank is not a corporation. It has no shareholders. It is managed by the residents of the country at the time. It cannot be bought by the globalists. All the profits are spent on expanding the bank and the industry it supports, medical research, community and infrastructure projects.

"It could easily be the largest institution in the state within a decade."

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