Mackay murder witness' claims "not true" I PHOTOS

AS Griffith makes headlines again after a man has come forward claiming he witnessed the shooting of local anti-drug campaigner Donald Mackay in 1977, Mr Mackay's son Paul a Griffith business man says police have investigated the witness' claims already and he believed the story was "not true".

He said he did not want to comment any further on the latest developments.

In the past, Mr Mackay said his family had always been hopeful, but not confident their loved-one's remains would be found.

The whereabouts of the body of Liberal Party candidate Donald Mackay and his murderer still remain a mystery, but Melbourne man James Bazely was convicted of conspiring to the murder of the vocal campaigner against Italian Mafia group's local marijuana trade in the Griffith region.

Peter Halloran, former Victorian Police homicide chief, said while there was no evidence of anybody except Mr Bazely being present at the killing, it was "possible" more people were involved.

In a royal commission six men were named including mafia kingpin Bob Trimbole who may have ordered Mr Mackay's assassination.

No one has ever been charged with the murder.

In 2012, Griffith police commander Superintendent Michael Rowan said he was "confident" a number of people still living in Griffith knew where Mr Mackay's remains were dumped, and urged them to come forward "anonymously if needed".

"We are confident someone knows what happened to Mr Mackay's body, and in what we believe may be a last-ditch effort to solve this matter, we are appealing for them to come forward," Supt Rowan said.

"It has left a family forever wondering, and a community stained by events that occurred before many of its residents were born."

In the decades since Mr Mackay's disappearance, police have investigated many tip-offs about the location of his remains, to no avail.

Last year police dug up a property in Hay in search of Mr Mackay's remains in what had been described as one of the biggest operations related to the case in the past 30 years.