Irish pub gets green light from council

IT COULD be three times a charm if developers of Griffith's newest pub have the luck of the Irish on their side.

SEA OF GREEN: A proposed Irish pub could turn Griffith's Banna Avenue into a sea of green.

SEA OF GREEN: A proposed Irish pub could turn Griffith's Banna Avenue into a sea of green.

Council approved a development application (DA) for an Irish-themed pub on the corner of Banna Avenue and Wayeela Street, set to trade seven days per week.

The proposed two-storey pub will be equipped with a 100-square metre beer garden, open bar area, gaming room, open lounge with a stage and a second-storey balcony.

The venture has stalled twice before, once in September 2005 and again in October 2008, but developer Paul Josling explained the previous council had shackled development by demanding a $300,000 contribution to parking, which has since been scrapped.

"Last time we were hit with big car parking fees which almost killed the job but the new parking regulations are a lot more along the lines of what we were hoping for," Mr Josling said.

"Last time wasn't a false start, we just weren't happy with the DA requirements, but they suit us better now and council staff have been pretty good discussing it with us."

Mr Josling and his partner John Keenan are still pursuing investors so he couldn't estimate when construction would begin, but he said he was determined to offer Griffith an alternative to the existing licensed venues.

"We just think it's something a little bit different in town, the atmosphere of the place will be something we don't see in Griffith," he said.

"The Irish theme is different, obviously the Irish are very social people generally and the design of the place has little booths so small groups can sit together and still have plenty of atmosphere."

Councillors Leon Thorpe and Bill Lancaster attempted to have the second-floor balcony overlooking Banna Avenue closed to the public for fear of someone falling off or bottles being thrown to the street below, but that amendment was voted down.

Planningmatters principal Martin Ruggeri, on behalf of the developers, assured councillors the balustrade would be higher than the building code specified and the issue would be workshopped during the detailed design phase.

Councillor Pat Cox was concerned about the amount of drinking venues in Griffith and losing the history of the existing buildings on the site, but gave the application her approval.

"I am concerned about the history attached to the building (471-475 Banna Avenue) and I would like to see parts of the building retained where possible," Cr Cox said.

"But I am convinced it has a lot to offer the social scene of Griffith and it is different to the other venues, so I am willing to support it on that basis."