Fonzie's star is soaring

DREAM ROLE: Fonzie Gomez appeared in Dami Ims' Super Love music video.
DREAM ROLE: Fonzie Gomez appeared in Dami Ims' Super Love music video.

FONZIE Gomez was just five when he decided he wanted to be an actor.

Now 20, Fonzie is well on the way to realising his dream.

The former Marian Catholic College student moved to Sydney with his family less than a year ago and since then he has been extremely busy. 

Among the long list of achievements so far are appearances in music videos for Sheppard's Geronimo, Dami Ims' Super Love, Vance Joy's Rip Tide and Adam Brand's new single. 

Fonzie has also appeared in a number of TV commercials in Sydney and has just landed a role in SBS Australia's hit TV show Housos new movie Fat Pizza vs Housos.

Fonzie started pursuing his acting dream seriously in January but signed to one of Australia s biggest management teams on the Gold Coast in April.

"They now look after me with auditions and work. Since signing I've been constantly flying back and forth from Sydney and Gold Coast," he said.

"Mum, my brother and I decided to move to Sydney because there are more opportunities here. For the first couple of months I did a few acting classes and got my audition for a job, which I got for an education DVD series for the NRL.

"I've done a couple of short films and then I auditioned for the first music video and that was Sheppard's Geronimo. I was one of about 15 cast members. I was an army soldier and I had to fight off the bad guys and help save Geronimo. It was surreal. Sheppard wasn't that well-known at the time when we made the video. Since it went number one in Australia it has appeared on every TV network and has been seen all over the world. Now it feels like a big deal."

Fonzie is also passionate about helping charity groups in Sydney.

"I've donated my time to the Wesley Mission and travelled as a promotional ambassador," he said.

"Another is the Bernardos charity. 

"The biggest music video has been Vance Joy's Rip Tide, where I got to play one of two drummer boys and I got to stand next to Vance while drumming. It hasn't been released yet. Vance is my first celebrity contact I have in my phone.

"It's been really cool getting to meet him, it was lots of fun.

"I'm pretty excited about being cast as a swat cop in Fat Pizza vs Housos. I've been shooting for two weeks. It's been awesome and such a great learning experience watching how a big movie set works.

"I still can't believe everything that's happened in such a short amount of time.

"My ultimate goal is to star in a Hollywood block buster. That's what I'm working towards. It doesn't matter how long it takes me."


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