Griffith slow down prompts stimulus

Mayor John Dal Broi confirmed he was worried about the city’s future.

Mayor John Dal Broi confirmed he was worried about the city’s future.

GRIFFITH’S economy is the worst it has been in three decades.

Mayor John Dal Broi confirmed he was worried about the city’s future.

He said council had launched a campaign to stimulate the economy.

Councillor Dal Broi said the campaign was essential, because the economy was the worst he had ever seen it in his lifetime.

“In all my adult years and my time in council – which has been 37 odd years – I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a dull period in business,” Cr Dal Broi said.

“I talk to a lot of business people and they’re saying it’s so quiet, people aren’t spending, even today (Monday) someone said since the budget was released people are not spending money.”

As part of the campaign, council will soon announce a discount on its 1 per cent development levy.

“We will also be discounting the 94a contributions. We would give them a discount – for example the Baiada one, I could say safely they would probably have to contribute less than half,” he said.

The levy is 1 per cent, which would mean a reduction of about $200,000 for the $38 million development.

Cr Dal Broi said the discounts would be offered for a period of two years.

“It will be a loss of income for council but we’re only looking at it for a two year period. We’re saying we’re in a bit of a lull so here’s an incentive (to invest).”

Cr Dal Broi said unless council stepped in, the city would “stagnate and remain the same”.

Council advertised a 25 per cent discount on the cost of a construction certificate, if it is lodged at the same time as a development application in The Area News on Friday.

Cr Dal Broi said he was disappointed with how the launch of the campaign was handled.

“I’m disappointed that the left hand didn’t talk to the right hand. Disappointed but at least it’s out there,” Cr Dal Broi said.

He said residents should have been advised about the campaign before it was advertised.

Cr Dal Broi said part of the campaign would include approaching state and federal governments and asking them to help communities such as Griffith grow.

“We want to be making a difference. This is something positive we have done and there will be more going forward,” he said.


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