NSW off to a promising start in State of Origin

Michael Jennings, Ryan Hoffman and Trent Hodkinson of the Blues celebrate after winning game one of the State of Origin.

Michael Jennings, Ryan Hoffman and Trent Hodkinson of the Blues celebrate after winning game one of the State of Origin.

SUPPORTING Queensland when you've lived most of your life in NSW is kind of like going for New Zealand simply because you've watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It has a very disloyal ring to it.

Tolkien references aside, NSW is one nil up in this year's state warfare, the Hayne Plane and the G Train are travelling very nicely, and easily swayed rugby league fans south of the Tweed River might be finally re-emerging, thronged with their true allegiance the Blues.

In some ways it's hard to judge anyone who might have hopped over to the Cane Toads.

I find it fairly difficult to let some facts sink in.

I was 13-years-old when NSW was last victorious.

That year of course was 2005.

Only two days after game one, Schappelle Corby was caught with a bit more than wax and a surfing device in her bag.

It was also the year when everyone's favourite girl group, The Pussy Cat Dolls, topped the charts with Don't Cha and NSW Premier Bob Carr resigned from state politics only a few weeks after his Blues had wrapped up the series.

What a great way to go.

The Blues took a hit early in 2005 when a rampaging Steve Price led the Maroons to a 24 to 20 win in game one up at Lang Park.

Then a fairly decent footballer by the name of Andrew Johns returned from injury in time for game two to produce two of the greatest Origin performances we've ever seen.

Since his departure, the Blues have been gallantly led by Paul and the likes, but it has felt more like a Moses taking Israel through the wilderness experience.

The past eight years have seen some of the game's greats grace the Queensland side such as Thurston, Smith, Cronk, Slater and a guy named Greg who forgot what side of the border Bowraville was situated.

But 2014 could very well be the return to the promise land that NSW die-hards have been praying for.

Injuries are creeping into the Maroons camp, the Blues look well balanced in attack and defence and Josh Reynolds got away with throwing a guy on his head.

So if you're a southerner and perhaps still sitting on the fence or even battling to overcome any symptoms of Maroon fever; quick, jump over while you have the chance.

You don't want to be that disloyal New South Welshman or lady when our boys march back into the winners circle.

Go the Blues and may the Hayne Plane continue to take us home.