Gang’s threats stirs anger

BECKY Perry has had her dog’s life threatened, her fence vandalised, her shed broken into and threats to burn her house down – and she’s had enough.

The Heath Crescent resident no longer feels safe in her own home after a gang of teenage boys has taken to terrorising her.

NOT ON: Heath Street resident Becky Perry wants the people threatening her 
and her dog to stop.

NOT ON: Heath Street resident Becky Perry wants the people threatening her and her dog to stop.

Ms Perry, who is intellectually disabled, was – until this week – thrilled with her home after a generous team of local tradesmen gave it a makeover in June last year.

But on Sunday, the trouble began.

Ms Perry was outside with her beloved companion dog Emma when the Border Collie cross Kelpie noticed a group of boys near her fence.

Defending her home, the dog ran up and barked at the boys.

That afternoon, the boys – which Ms Perry estimates are aged between 15 and 17 – tried to jump into her yard, threatened to “string the dog up”, tried to kick the side fence in and later, when her brother spoke to them, threatened to burn her house down.

“I said to them, ‘how tough do you feel, picking on a mentally disabled woman?’” said Ms Perry’s brother Daniel.

“It’s just bravery in numbers, they’re all being led by one boy.

“It’s about time children were held responsible for what they do.”

Mrs Perry eventually rang police, but said they did not turn up for an hour.

“The community has got to get together and say enough is enough,” Ms Perry said.

“If Griffith wants people to bring their families here and live here, they need to get rid of the bad apples.”

While her brothers have been staying with her to keep her safe, Mrs Perry said she has seriously considered moving to a different area.

“A lot of my neighbours want to transfer to different homes,” she said.

“I just want them to leave me alone.”

Griffith police are investigating the incident.


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