Griffith marmalade to take on English

A GRIFFITH man is hoping he can help beat the English at their own game.

But this time around, competition will play out on a tasting table instead of a cricket pitch.

Martin O'Donnell's Organic Orange Marmalade has been selected for the Australian 11 that will challenge England to something else they claim to have invented marmalade.

While the Ashes is a fiercely fought cricket contest between England and Australia, the “MarmalAshes” is just as fiercely fought – but is more preserve on spoon, than bat on ball.

For the past three years an Australian 11 marmalade has been sent across the globe to take on an English 11.

In 2011, Australia’s disastrous Ashes loss to England led to the creation of the MarmalAshes trophy in the small town of Buninyong in Victoria.

For Mr O’Donnell, just making the prestigious side is a sweet result.

“I’m glad to have had my marmalade selected, it’s a bit of fun and nice to be a part of it,” he said.

“I’ve been making marmalade for a couple of years now. The reason I started was because I had excess naval oranges.

“I use organic oranges and sugar to make it.

“At the start of this year I sent some down to Buninyong and forgot all about it, until I got sent a copy of a certificate saying that I’d won the best sweet marmalade and it had been included in the

Australian 11 to compete in England.” 

Mr O’Donnell’s marmalade will now head to Cumbria in England, where it will go up against some of the world’s best.

If you want to be bowled over by Mr O’Donnell’s marmalade call into O’Donnell’s in Ulong Street.

Martin O'Donnell's marmalade

Martin O'Donnell's marmalade