Baby Lillea-Charlotte a saviour for mum

WHEN proud mum Kailah O’Keeffe stares adoringly at her beautiful baby girl she sees a precious gift from above.

Lillea-Charlotte Faith O’Keeffe was born at Griffith Base Hospital on February 14, weighing six pound 11 ounces.

The gorgeous bundle of joy arrived on Valentine’s Day helping heal her mum’s broken heart.

Ms O’Keeffe tragically lost her high school sweetheart and Lillea-Charlotte’s father, Liam Arndt when the car they were travelling in on their way home to Darlington Point slammed into a tree near Grong Grong on July 25 last year.

As a result of the crash Ms O’Keeffe sustained a compound fracture to her right leg, a fractured pelvis, broken ribs, and nose and eye socket.

Despite her injuries she said her pregnancy was mostly trouble-free.

“I didn’t have too many problems. Because of the blood transfusions I had at the time of the accident my antibodies were high so they were a bit worried for a while,” she said.

 “I was in labour for 14 hours and in the end I had her by caesarean because my leg is still healing and my pelvis is sore.

“I wanted it to rain and it did. I do feel like I got my Valentine’s gift from the heavens above that day.

“She was born on my due date and is such a good girl- she loves her sleep that’s for sure.”

 Ms O’Keeffe, who received donations from the local community to help get her back on her feet after the accident, has issued a heartfelt thank you.

“I want to say thanks to everyone who helped us,” she said.

“The donations and gifts were very much appreciated.

“I know that Liam would be just as proud of Lillea-Charlotte as I am.”

Lillea-Charlotte is a granddaughter for Lena Maag, Glen Maag, John O’Keeffe, Bradley Arndt and Maxine Smith.

Kailah O'Keeffe is thankful for her precious gift.

Kailah O'Keeffe is thankful for her precious gift.


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