87-year-old driver declared habitual offender, banned until 2036

AN 87-YEAR-OLD Griffith man could find himself behind bars if he is caught behind the wheel one more time.

Ian Cameron Fergusson, of Lake Wyangan, has been declared a habitual offender after being caught dozens of times driving while disqualified.

He is not allowed back on the road until at least 2036.

Last week, he faced court over a number of charges and was handed a 12-month suspended sentence.

Police have stated Fergusson's traffic history is "appalling" and while he does not show concern for his own safety, "he is a definite risk to other motorists".

In one incident, on October 10 last year, police were patrolling for arsonists along Rifle Range Road, when they encountered another car coming towards them.

Fergusson was behind the wheel and slowly began to merge onto the same side of the road as the police car as he approached.

Fearing a head-on collision, police veered into the gravel at the side of the road but Fergusson drove on, seemingly unperturbed that he had almost collided with the unmarked police car.

Police followed Fergusson and, while they had their lights and sirens flashing, he continued to veer into the opposite lane before coming to a stop. Fergusson was fined $1050 over the offence and disqualified for a further two years.

He was also fined $800 after he was caught driving along Macedone Road at Yoogali on November 6, where he was not wearing a seatbelt.

Just three days later, police also picked up his Mitsubishi Mirage driving through Beelbangera.

When asked why he kept driving while disqualified, Fergusson simply claimed he "has to get around".