Hot nervous start for Griffith kindy kids

IT WAS a hot, nervous start for many kinder kids across Griffith yesterday.

And it wasn’t much better the day before when other students headed back into classrooms.

For the Brennan and Adnum families, this week was particularly nerve-wracking, with Dannielle

Brennan and Latoia Adnum moving into year 7 and their little sisters Tanhatta Brennan and Leah Adnum, starting kinder.

Shy little Tanhatta, 5, who shed a few tears early on, said she was keen to try out the playground equipment at Griffith Public School.

“I drew a picture but my teacher wrote my name for me,” she said.

“I did cry a little bit because I wanted mum to stay at school with me.”

Meanwhile big sister Dannielle described her first day in year 7 at

Griffith High School on Wednesday as “scary, but good”.

“I was really nervous but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” she said.

“It felt a bit like I was in kindergarten again. All of the periods and timetables are confusing and

having to remember all of the different teachers’ names is hard.”

Griffith Public School principal Jude Hayman said overall it had been a smooth start.

“All of the students are thrilled to be back. It was a beautiful calm start to the year despite the heat,” she said.

“Teachers have been working hard over the holidays preparing classes.

“The best thing parents can do to help their children is talk to them about their day and read to them every day.”

Despite her nerves, Latoia, 12, was happy to be part of the more than 100 year 7 students who started at Griffith High on Wednesday.

“It was good once I got there,” she said.

There were no tears for eager beaver Leah, 5, yesterday as she joined more than 60 others at Griffith Public.

“I didn’t cry but my mum did,” she said.

While many kinders stepped into “big school” for the first time this week, Best Start assessments for kindergarten students, which allow teachers to do one-on-one evaluations, mean schools will start them at different times.


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