"Vultures" swoop on ute carcass

The Altina Wildlife Park ute was stolen and crashed on Saturday night.
The Altina Wildlife Park ute was stolen and crashed on Saturday night.

THIEVES who picked over the carcass of a stolen ute left crashed and abandoned at the weekend have been slammed as “vultures” by the vehicle’s devastated owner.

But when the family went to inspect the wreck, which was abandoned after it was crashed on Boorga Road near Nericon, they discovered parts of the ute’s sideboards had been removed, as well as newly-fitted racks.

The 19-year-old girl who stole the ute had allegedly fled the scene with her passenger after she crashed it in the early hours of Sunday morning.

But sometime between when the crash occurred and 9am Sunday morning, opportunistic thieves have picked over and done away with what remained.

Mr Altin said he was truly saddened and disgusted by the incident.

He said the Altina ute had been taken for a joyride lapping the streets of Griffith, which prompted retorts on Facebook from residents saying Altina staff “should be ashamed”.

“It wasn’t even us,” Mr Altin said.

“It just disgusts me – not only was a stolen vehicle involved in a crash, now people have stolen bits and pieces off it.

“These people have no conscience, it’s just everyone in it for themselves these days.

“It was bad enough they stole the ute and smashed it.”

While the vehicle is insured, Mr Altin said there was no way he could cover the additional add-ons he’d spent over the years.

“It’s a bit of a blow for us,” he said.

“We’re spending a lot of money out at the park at the moment we’ll have to get a new ute as well.

“Now my guys will have to find their own way out to the park – they’re having to car-pool at the moment.”

Griffith police are awaiting results of blood samples taken from the driver and expect to lay a raft of charges.

Anyone with information on the stolen parts is urged to call Griffith Police.

“These people are like vultures,” Mr Altin said.

“Someone is already down and they have to kick him again.”


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