Resident riled by stray dogs

WATCHING his neighbour's pet sheep die after it was savaged by stray dogs was the final straw for one Darlington Point local.

James Tongue has demanded Murrumbidgee Shire Council address the issue after losing a number of his own chooks and ducks to roaming dogs.

"My neighbour's pet sheep had been there for so many years I can't remember," Mr Tongue said.

"But those dogs came along and lacerated its arteries, it had to be put down.

"When will this end? Will it be when Darlington Point has a child attacked by one or more of these stray dogs?"

Mr Tongue said people needed to be responsible for their animals and the council needed to be more strict when it came to dog registration and microchipping.

He said the absence of a council ranger did not help the situation

"There are many people in this town that have dogs some have large dogs for hunting," he said.

"Many of these same people take great care of the dogs they own, making sure they are housed well and safe, and good on them.

"But we also have that small number of dropkicks and deadbeats that own dogs, who could not care less if there dogs wander loose.

"In fact I believe that some even allow their dogs to roam loose at night."

Mr Tongue said the council had made efforts in previous years to implement a zero tolerance policy on stray dogs but it had been ineffective.

"It would appear that our Murrumbidgee council has dropped the ball," he said.

"We have people living in sub-standard housing all over the place, we have blocks that look like old car wrecking yards and we have this dog problem all of which contravene council and state laws and yet council turn a blind eye. Why?"

Murrumbidgee Shire Council acting general manager Sue Mitchell said while there was not an official ranger, a number of council staff at both offices were responsible for companion animals and responding to complaints.

"There has been a more proactive approach recently," Mrs Mitchell said. "We do report to council every meeting how many dogs have been impounded, released and those sorts of things."

Mrs Mitchell said council was aware there were a number of incidents regarding stray dogs over the Christmas period.


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