Tips to avoid extra Christmas kilos

THERE’S no doubt Christmas is a time to indulge, but to avoid stacking on the expected extra 1.1kg this festive season, a local trainer said there’s plenty of simple tips people should keep in mind.

A report conducted by a natural medicine company suggested second serves, sweets and big meals would see the average overindulger stack on 1.1kg during the festive period.

Griffith personal trainer Angeline Prince said there were simple ways to avoid weight gain over the holidays despite the constant temptation.

When it came to the big meal, Mrs Prince said Christmas lunch was generally quite healthy if you focussed on the main foods.

“At lunch, stick to the meat, salad and vegies because they’re quite healthy and meats like prawns, ham and turkey are all lean,” she said.

“What you need to stay away from is the oily, starchy foods like potato bakes which are full of empty calories.

“If you’ve sat down and eaten half a pavlova in one sitting it’s not the end of the world, so long as you work it off. 

“As I say to my clients, energy in equals energy out.”

When it comes to a Christmas tipple, Mrs Prince had some more tips for avoiding weight-gain and sluggish hangovers.

“If you wake up with a hangover, drink an electrolyte solution rather than a sports drink like Gatorade which is full of sugar,” she said.

“While you’re drinking have a glass of water between drinks, even half a glass will keep you feeling reasonably hydrated and of course, have water before bed.

“Look at alternatives to sugary mixers, such as diet mixers or mineral water with a splash of diet lime cordial, because sugary drinks are full of calories which is why you put on weight.”

Mrs Prince also suggested downloading a motivational exercise app on a smartphone to incentivise exercise between meals.

But Mrs Prince admitted even she slipped up on occasion over the holidays and urged people not to beat themselves up.

Angeline Prince shares her top tips to fight the battle of the bulge over the Christmas break.

Angeline Prince shares her top tips to fight the battle of the bulge over the Christmas break.


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