Griffith ProAM picks Griffith Suicide Prevention and Support Group as supported charity for 2018

Suicide is something that affects everyone in the community, and with that in mind, it was easy for the Griffith ProAM to decide the charity they would support for this year’s event.

They have gone with the locally run Griffith Suicide Prevention Group who will receive $2200 from the sponsors and the Pro-Am committee at the presentation which will be held after the Griffith Golf Club Pro-Am has finished.

Griffith Golf Club’s Wayne Moat said it was great to be able to support a local charity like this.

“We leave it up to the naming rights sponsor (B&C Plumbing) to pick a charity, and we try to pick a different one each year,” he said.

“With suicide being a big thing at the moment we thought why not try and help out.”

With suicide being a big thing at the moment we thought why not try and help out

Wayne Moat

Griffith Suicide Prevention Group’s Val Woodland said she was grateful for the donation from the ProAM committee and their sponsors.

“All of the money goes towards paying the telephone bill and to cover any training we run,” she said.

“The money only goes towards the bills there is no in-between person, no administration costs it is just the phone bill. We field calls from all over Australia these days.

“Suicide affects just about everyone we all know someone who been touched by suicide, so it is a really worthwhile service.”

As for the ProAM itself, Moat is confident of a strong turnout on Friday.

“We have 48 pros and about 160 starters,” he said.

“We had 52 pros last year, so we are a couple down, but we still might get a couple more yet. The course is also in really good condition.”

The Griffith Suicide Prevention and Support Group is also holding a training day over the weekend, and anyone who might be interested in getting involved should contact Val Woodland on 0408 202 376.