Area News letters to the editor: March 7, 2018.

​We heard from the organisers how it was about inclusion and acceptance.

We have heard how people from the gay community are ridiculed.

We have heard about the “hurtful” comments endured by homosexuals and transgender people.

We have heard how it was about the whole community joining in.

Why then did they think it necessary and acceptable to have men dressed as Roman Catholic nuns?

Apparently it is not OK to ridicule unless it is the nuns that are ridiculed.

Apparently it is about accepting a person’s choices except the choice to be a person of faith.

Nuns for the greatest part do a lot of good in society and are people who dedicate their life to Jesus Christ.

I find it appalling that these women are mocked.

If the gay mardi gras was about inclusion then next year if they intend to mock the nuns then they should equally mock islam and their prophet mohammed who called for homosexuals to be  killed.

In fact most Islamic scholars only disagree with the method of killing homosexuals not the fact that they ought to be killed according to sharia.

So if there is to be another mocking of the nuns let there be a mocking of Mohammed as well so that there truly can be  “inclusion”.

Graeme Bell, Griffith.

Inspiring young adults

Emma and Blake, you are an inspiration to all young adults, participating in The World’s Greatest Shave in support of The Leukaemia Foundation.

Brave to Shave in memory of Paul Fishenden and a joint effort of fundraising for this worthy cause, gets my ‘yea for the day’ ( Emma and Blake’s World’s Greatest Shave success, The Area News – 0nline).

Roz Fishenden, I salute you for also shaving in memory of your husband Paul. My condolences to you on your recent loss.

To the GRIFFITH community who supported these young adults, I say THANKYOU, from a carer whose husband has blood cancer.

Gloria Velleley, Belrose.

Wyangan rehab

Here we go again. Mayor dal Broi announced that the next Lake Wyangan Management Committee meeting will be held in May. Late enough to make sure nothing happens where timing is critical. The Cumbungi surrounding both lakes is a major ecological problem.  It should be eradicated. It provides poor habitat for birds a few like Reed Warblers. It out-competes other useful waterplants, and limits  area of shallow habitat where waterplants can compete with bacteria and expand into deeper water. Time of application glyphosate is critical and the herbicide should be applied in late April/early May for best kill. There is opportunity to make long awaited improvements. The runoff from Nericon has been turning the lake water brown for years limiting visibility for submerged plant growth. This was reported by Griffith Council in 20 pages of the 2016 Water Technology repor  but nothing has done about it.  

As a first step Riverina Helicopters have estimated most of north lake’s 20 ha cumbungi could be controlled for less than $5000 including the herbicide.

We need to form a community committee plus get crowd funding. Come on people of Griffith if you really want your lake back get active.

Geoff Sainty, Griffith.