Area News letters to the editor: February 28, 2018.

Sherene Blumer: Very disappointing! When major decisions that affect our City are not consultative or collaborative with no transparency, we deserve diminished outcomes. I wholeheartedly support a newer version of our hospital which has an ample site area that with clever design and master planning can achieve not only an outstanding hospital facility but we can save a historic building too. This is mutually beneficial outcome.

Joshua Nadzielski: It is unsurprisingly and convenient to see that MLHD is stating extensive consultation occurred and numbers are unadjusted just before closing dates. Let's see who was actually consulted?! Perhaps a meticulously selected panel provided with carefully scripted documents and figures; not privy to true demands. How does one come to the conclusion on the discrepancies between the clinician report and actual clinicians views? Hmm..

Grant Blumer: Mayor John Dal Broi stated that the Nurses Quarters are a distraction from the issue of getting a new hospital. Does that mean that the Mayor doesn’t believe that we can have both? How can he know that there isn’t enough land when he hasn’t seen the Master Plan. My inside information says that if Council were willing to take on the Nurses Quarters it would be a done deal. Unfortunately Council has run out of energy for preserving historically significant buildings after supporting the Private Hospital, building Dino’s bike path and renting a TV show for a morning to increase tourism. I reckon it is time for the Mayor to resign if he hasn’t got the energy or inclination to support and enhance our city. After all there is such a thing as a win-win solution and if Council were to support the large proportion of the population who support the idea of at least seriously considering the options there might be an outcome that future generations would be proud of.


Paul Clancy: Oh come on mayor! What consultation! And who are the local experts, who claim it has no use! And why the rush to demolish this beautiful old building? Come on MLHD, let's see this report, that you claim to have carried out! This is not an episode of Utopia! How much effort has been made looking into alternative uses, for this solid old building? While we all support the plan for a better local public hospital, don't demolish this building, and call it progress!

Milt MacFarlane: This beggars belief, DalBroi says this will set back getting a new hospital by 12 months? Not forgetting he was on Council when the outdoor pool was completely condemned unable to resurrect it at all and now we wait 15 years or more, to get it back, get real!. In fact Area News after that idiot mistake, why would you allow him his opinion in a headline?

Sharni Lane: Will this idiot just retire already I am sick of him saying he is speaking in the best interests of Griffith since when if he is it would have to be a first.

Graham Bazzacco: He has got my vote the building is full of asbestos it would cost more to remove the asbestos than a new building.