Three Australians painting mystery returns to Griffith

For the past 35 years, Australian art lovers have been intrigued by an unusual mystery

Who are the three well known Australians?

A painter titled “3australians” has made its way to Griffith Regional Art Gallery, where it will be on display until 25 March. 

The public are encourage to guess 'who the 3 Australians' are in the painting and record their opinions into yearbooks.

Artist Martin Shaw said, “I did this painting in 1982, and it has been touring regions of Australia continuously since 1983”.

“Whether one has a thousand years of aboriginal heritage, first fleet ancestry or is a newly arrived migrant, when the painting is exhibited in cities and towns around Australia, everyone has the opportunity to record their names, age, age, occupation and address into the yearbooks along with opinions on the identity of the ‘Three Australians’”.

Each region of Australia has a yearbook, recording opinions. 

The painting previously toured NSW country in 1988,1998 and 2008.  The yearbooks form a historical social commentary of Australia.

The painting is intended to tour continuously around Australia for many generations. And Mr Shaw is determined to keep the identities confidential. 

Griffith Regional Art Gallery will also display letters with the exhibition with opinions on the identity of the ''3 Australians'.

The Letters are said be like the form guide to all the different ideas on who the '3australians' could be.