Area News letters to the editor: February 23, 2018.

Milt MacFarlane: Notice a pattern here? No new office, for this, no new pool, no new tar for dangerous roads, no new hospital (unless it’s privately owned), no new money to fix the lake, no new amenities at Westend? NO NO NO but there’s always a Bicycle track out to Hanwood, heavens forbid and a fence around the cemetery soon?

GETTING RIDICULOUS: Griffith Community Centre's Coordinator Barbara Penninga calls for the community to raise it's voice and demand the services it needs.

GETTING RIDICULOUS: Griffith Community Centre's Coordinator Barbara Penninga calls for the community to raise it's voice and demand the services it needs.

Sonya Sal: It would appear that certain people who reside in Hanwood and have businesses there have way too much influence for their own benefit. What about considering the needs of the wider community rather than looking to benefit themselves only ...

Sherene Blumer: Maybe the nurses quarters at Griffith Base Hospital could be readapted as a community centre?

Sonya Sal: With the number of vacant stores and other buildings in town they should be able to secure a premises. But, unfortunately, when you have landlords that jack up the rent to ludicrous amounts when businesses that are partially in competition with their own business are doing well, then we will continue to see more and more once-viable businesses close.

Peter Knox: This lady Barbara Penninga is very hard working and deserves support.

Listen and you’ll hear

In reply to Fran Pietroboni –  I can’t comment on the “local” TV, however there is a vibrant local radio station in Griffith called 2MIA fm 95.1 “The Local One” and you can even listen to it around the world through the web site

2MIA is a community radio station with lots of live programs hosted by local people.

It broadcasts 24/7. Live from the studios in Griffith from 9am till midnight (or later) most day of the week, then the rest of the time on relay through the Community Radio Network.

Programs range from easy listening and country to current hits and jazz.

Presenters ages range from their teens to over 80.

2MIA also broadcasts programs in Italian and Fijian with other languages being arranged.

2MIA broadcasts among other things, local weather, local community service announcements, and events, lost animals, local garage sales, Griffith council meetings, and funeral announcements (broadcast at 9.05am and 12.05pm or at other times as requested by the family).

The station is currently asking for expressions if interest from younger people to become involved and learn about radio (not necessarily only to be on air but also in the administration of the station).

Other projects current being perused at the station include:

  • Getting a group of local people together to source and produce local news segments,
  • Writing and producing a local drama program,
  • Attracting more ethnic presenters, and
  • Working to complete the outside broadcast van.

Recently a new membership category was introduced call “Supporter” costing only $20 per year after an initial $35 for the first year.

If you’d like to become a Supporter or even a Full Member please go to the web site above and download and complete the membership application form.

Check out the program guide see the presenters and read about what happening on the website.

Dolf Murwood, 2MIA.