Area News letters to the editor, February 22, 2018.

David Anstee: Store manager took photo of the two different bar Codes and I showed him the old bottle with the small bar code working and the new labels with the larger bar code not working and I still have hundreds of bottles in storage hoping this issue is fixed soon as I've been collecting for charity and have already put though over 9000 containers so far.

Emma Oliver: I use the machine at leeton with these bottles. so far havent had an issue

Jessica Mitchell: If you take the bottle lids off them it accepts it

Greg McWilliam: Another failed government so called initiative just like the nbn

Justin Snaidero: South Australia have been doing it for years. Would it have really been that hard to copy what they do? I love how our price went up 15c roughly to get 10c back.

Kate Davies: We have it in the NT too

Simon Kirkman: I wouldn't say it is a failed government initiative, as it is cleaning up the place as you can see there is no more plastic or cans lying around the ground or side of the road, and can't see any glass bottles either. Because it is being picked up as can get .10 cents for each. I wouldn't say it is a failed Government initiative.. and south Australia has been running it for years before NSW.

David Anstee: Don't buy Woolworths 600ml water bottles as machines just don't accept them due to the bar codes being changed I've got hundreds of empty Woolworths botttles that just won't be accepted the old bars codes are smaller but the new labels have a larger bar code which just don't work.

Kim Earl: We are in the same boat David and have discovered they have changed the bottles again.

Simon Kirkman: Just remove the woolworths label and put a Coles bottle label on them... They're the same bottle.

Erin Nascimben: Another one that won’t be accepted is the bottled water that the hospital hands out to patients. Another stuff up by the government.

Milt MacFarlane: Yep, though I can’t find it I’ve read the recompense for recycling is only worth $7 an hour...and that is if you don’t have to wait as I did to find my discounted drink bottle wasn’t worth anything.

Amanda Rebetzke: It may cost me more in the shops but my son loves getting the money after cashing in his bottles and cans.

Tracey O'malley-Tuitavake: Be careful of scammers!! My daughter aged 12 was putting her cans through to get pocket money and a youngish woman on a mobility scooter came asking for money!

Greg Briggs: Absolutely fantastic I have to pay to dispose of my cans; bottles at the local tip so far I have earned enough to buy four cartons.

Carl Chirgwin: We need a cardboard recycling bin next to them so more can be recycled.

Nadine Johns: We need the cartons to be plastic so they can be reused too. Australia is far behind the 8 ball.

Bruna Ross: We also need recycling bins for electrical goods and larger items.

Simon Kirkman: We recycle all old phones and computers, working or not working as can reused for parts, also recycle all toner and inkjet supplies.

Ken Rebetzke: Its a tax grab. My beloved Pepsi Max went up 15 cents a bottle and I get 10 cents back. Ummm.

Transfie Pieper: What mostly of my water bottles are Woolworths that is no good.

Transfie Pieper: Ripped off mostly my bottles are Woolworths.