Area News letters to the editor: February 14, 2018.

Simon Kirkman: We need another airline to come in to give Rexasaurus a run for their money... a bit of competition always reduces the airfares.... Need to extend the tar mat to take bigger planes, and increase Airport security, for them to come... I was on a Rex plane last December and it was pretty rough... think a pigeon would be smoother…

Joshua Nadzielski: REX is certainly appreciated for provided the region with a flight service to get us here however we have provided them with one of its most profitable routes too for quite some time. It is nonsense to continue doing the same and to hope for better outcomes and growth. Griffith is well and truly needing a service that wants to grow with the market conditions. The current flight situations are STOPPING GROWTH in GRIFFITH. That's exactly what our guests and clients tell us at Quest Griffith. Corporate travellers who book the majority of the Griffith flight seats need to be prioritised and provided adequate and affordable access in and out of Griffith WHEN THEY need it. But we also need better connection to Melbourne. We need everyone including Griffith City Council and the community to get behind the effort to secure our regional Airport and enable more routes and/or competition. Oh, and for all those saying that the previous Melbourne route didn't work, that is a great observation of why the MEL route need to be targeted at the CORPORATE market. WHY would they travel in a plane that you are practically sitting next to the pilot (up to 9 passengers only)? 1. Slow 2. Uncomfortable 3. Essendon Airport 4. availability. This is exactly why it was unsuccessful. It was never going to be used and was never probably consulted with the market that would be using the service. Lets learn from this and do things right this time! We all win with this outcome.

Joanne Ohlsen: My son broke his back and neck last year, had to fly back to Sydney for a dr appointment $1000 for airfare, $120 in taxi fares to and from the airport, $350 dr charge for the appointment. Expensive day!

Sarah Signor: Why can’t Griffith City Council have a partnership agreement like Parkes Shire Council has with Rex. The Rex Community Fare Scheme has resulted in $99 one way fares to Sydney for the residents of Parkes! Details of this partnership can be found on the Rex website media release section, dated 11th January 2018.

Sandra James: Dreadful prices to fly to Griffith.. why can't Qantas .. or Virgin fly out there .. what it costs now is just outrageous.. a few extra dollars and you can fly overseas with accommodation... time to wake up Griffith.

Garth Knowles: Maybe our airport should be updated to the level to attract other airlines it wrong the amount we have to pay to fly with REX.


David Murn: I live on the South Coast, and recently looked at a flight to Sydney from Moruya. There were no flights under $500, with some topping $1000. This is for a 50min flight, which runs at average of 97% capacity. Because of monopoly contracts setup by the NSW govt, Rex has exclusive access to the route, and has no interest in increasing services or lowering their prices. Council recently spent $7m upgrading the airport, however due to state govt rules, Rex is the only operator so the $7m upgrade, services a maximum of 100 passengers a day. Even the local skydive operator has more passengers per day than the regional airline can accomodate. The best thing the NSW govt could do is remove the exclusive-use monopoloising contracts that they have implemented.

Judy Corradi: People with medical conditions and have to see the doctors for two hours in Sydney it is a lot,of money to fly other way to,is drive one day there one day at the doctors and one to drive home plus accommodation and it is the same on train and bus one wonder we can't get people to the bush I am one of the patients who have to go to Sydney for the last 11 years some times six weeks apart, three months I would be rich if had the money that it cost me

Greg Adamson: Yes. Sydney, Wollongong & Newcastle residents have subsidised rail, bus and ferry transport. By living in the country we are taxed an additional fuel excise to drive to Sydney or face limited, slow, and outdated rail or bus transport options. It is time a progressive policy which focuses on supporting the regions, rather than taxing them is examined. Failing to subsidise regional air transport is a major issue of equity between country & city residents. Let's hope change is forthcoming