“I hope it’s Kmart”: Big W replacement expected to be known next week

The sense of anticipation is mounting across Griffith, with the new leaseholders of the building soon to be vacated by Big W expected to be known early next week. 

Many have speculated that retail giants Kmart may take its place, including Griffith mayor John Dal Broi. 

“Quite frankly, for the size of that building, of that facility, it has to be somebody like that,” he said. 

“I’ll stick my neck out and say I have my fingers crossed that it... hopefully is Kmart”.

“But I have nothing to back that up, it’s just a gut feeling I’ve got”. 

Cr Dal Broi said he’s spoken to the owner of the building, who has told council they’re in negotiations with another tenant.

He said he expects the owners will let Council know early next week the identity of the new tenants. 

Griffith City Council have said Kmart have not applied for a development application (DA) to build at a new site in Griffith. 

If Kmart are to occupy the same building as Big W, they would not need a DA unless they were planning alterations to the building. 

Kmart were coy about their Griffith intentions in a statement to The Area News.  

“We are always looking for new locations to bring people our everyday low prices, and that includes Griffith”. 

“At this time we have no firm announcements, however if this changes we will advise the community with a formal announcement.”

A poll by The Area News reveals 67 per cent of respondents would prefer Kmart to Big W. But not everyone is happy. 

“I prefer Big W. While their products aren’t as cheap as Kmart, they are better quality… I’d rather pay $7 for something in Big W that’s going to last, rather than $3 at Kmart knowing I have to replace it,” Samantha Tyrrell, a regular Big W shopper, said.