Flashback: Maria and Joseph Iannelli reflect on 25 years of marriage

Twenty-five years ago this week, The Area News reported on the recent wedding of Yenda’s Maria Patane to Leeton’s Joseph Iannelli

The pair were married on October 4 in 1992 at St Therese Church Yenda, by Father Beltrame, and had just gone on a honeymoon in New Zealand. 

We caught up with the couple this week to reminisce about the old times, and hear their advice on what makes a successful marriage. 

How did you guys meet? 

Maria: We met through work, we used to talk on the phone a lot. He used to put through the orders. 

Joseph: Now, she gives the orders. 

What was dating like back then? 

Maria: We weren’t allowed to date alone, our parents were always with us. Joseph would come over for dinner two or three times a week. 

What do you remember about your wedding day?

Maria: I remember getting to the end of the isle and seeing my auntie crying. That’s when I lost it, and started balling my eyes out. 

Joseph: I thought she was having second thoughts. 

Maria: I wasn't. I’d never left home before, I thought ‘this is it’, my whole life is changing. It did change, but for the better. 

What’s married life been like?

Maria: Wonderful. We work together at Iannelli’s Track and Tractor Parts, so we’ve pretty much spent 24 hours a day together for the past 25 years. When we are apart I feel like a part of me is missing. 

What does Joseph like best about Maria?

Joseph: Everything 

What is the proudest part of your marriage? 

Joseph: Seeing our kids grow up happy. What our parents instilled into us, we’ve instilled into them. 

Maria: We have three girls. Gabriella (23), Alexandria (21) and Bianca (16). I hope Gabriella wears my wedding dress when she gets married.

Any advice on how to make a marriage successful? 

Joseph: Communication is the key. If there’s a problem, don’t walk away. Talk about it. Ninety percent of arguments happen because you don’t communicate in the first place. 

Maria: Problems can always be solved. 

Joseph: Don’t worry about the material things in life. What car you drive, how big your house is, it’s not important. Family is important.