Musical Moments with Sofia D'Aquino

Music is a true joy of life, and for our first profile of Griffith’s young musicians, the enjoyment of playing the clarinet comes through loud and clear.

Eight-year-old Sofia D’Aquino is in Year 2 at St Mary’s Primary School in Yoogali, and has just recently started her journey of learning to play the clarinet.

After only starting two terms ago, she was able to play a song by heart from her music book with the pizzazz of a true show-woman, as well as competently assembling the clarinet by herself.

“My mum and dad inspired me to play, they thought it was a really good thing for me to do,” she said.

Her favorite songs to play at the moment include ‘London Bridge’ and ‘Shoo Fly,’ which she plays in her music classes.

“What I like most about playing the clarinet is learning and playing new songs, and getting lots of things done in my book,” she said.

Sofia says one of her favorite musicians of all time is Dee Farnell, a local musician who played ‘Elphaba’ in the production of Wicked at the Griffith Regional Theatre recently.

After seeing Dee perform, she hopes to be able to perform in a similar kind of production in the future, and aims to continue her studies for the next few years.

While practicing can be a chore for some music students, Sofia says it is one of the things she looks forward to the most, “better than normal homework.”

Sofia has had excellent commendation from her teachers, who have said how wonderful and enthusiastic she is at learning the clarinet.

In every Wednesday edition, The Area News will be dedicating an article to a budding young musician to celebrate Griffith’s home-grown talent. If you know a primary school student who plays an instrument and would like to see them featured here, please email