De Bortoli turning their wine waste into cleaning solutions

A popular MIA winery is making productive use of its wine waste. 

De Bortoli Wines is using what they call the De Bortoli Method to reduce the amount of chemicals used to clean winery tanks and machinery.

It also uses a form of electrolysis to recover potassium from spent winery wash-water to produce industrial cleaning solution products.

Lindsay Gullifer, De Bortoli Wines Health Safety and Environment Manager, said, “although only at pilot scale, The De Bortoli Method is a circular approach to sustainability as it has taken a waste product and recycled it to be useful”. 

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage described De Bortoli Wines as a ‘world leader’ for sustainable production and consumption when presenting the business with the state’s first Sustainability Advantage Platinum Project for The De Bortoli Method.

Wine waste has also been use in the United States to produce wine flour, which can be used for baking.