Ex-Griffith resident Alison Irwin wins Best Corporate Travel Consultant of 2017

No doubt that Griffith grows good wine and food, but it also grows dedicated people who drive for success.

Alison Irwin, a former Griffith resident who started her career at Griffith Flight Centre 10 years ago, has been awarded the prestigious title of Best Corporate Travel Consultant at the 2017 National Travel Industry awards.

Alison says coming from Griffith and being a "country girl" has helped to keep her grounded.

I feel that being born and raised in a small country town has kept me level headed and kept my heart and soul in the right place.

Alison Irwin

“People can always tell the difference between people that have been raised in the country and people that have been raised in the city. I feel that we are just that little bit different.”

She says Griffith has really given her a strong desire to help outers and go that extra mile.

“Being this way has really helped me with my career path and the award I just won,” she said.

Her current position at Stage and Screen Travel Services has seen her handle whatever situation thrown at her.

Alison had to organise travel for Channel 9 to attend Ariana Grande’s ‘One Love’ Manchester concert, held to aid the victims of the Manchester stadium bombing.

Alison visiting clients at Channel 9 in Perth.

Alison visiting clients at Channel 9 in Perth.

“It was very rushed but we were able to do it. It was a fabulous and well worth the effort,” she said.

Alison has also come to the aid of The Today Show when they found themselves stranded in South Australia on their ‘We Love Australia’ tour.

“The depot in Coober Pedy didn’t have any vehicles available so we ended up begging and pleading with the local publican to use one of their cars. After much pleading, they were able to lend us an old 1995 Holden Commodore for the crew to use.”


She says working in Sydney was the fulfillment of a dream for her, especially working with clients in the entertainment industry.

Through her work, she has met many stars, including Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosini, and actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Hemsworth.