Baby of the week: Imogen Wade, super travelling bub

The Area News baby of the week is the world’s most travelled seven-month-old, Imogen Wade.

Imogen was at Griffith City Library’s baby bounce with Rosiemarie Wade, grandma-disguised-as-a-youthful-mum, and actual mum Robyn. 

Imogen was born in Griffith, two weeks after her family moved here from Johannesburg in South Africa.

Dad Jason is a counsellor and mum Robyn is a teacher. 

Imogen travelled to the Gold Coast at aged two months, Sydney aged four months, and she’s been to South Africa. She is about the embark on a 23 hour drive to Mt Isa.

Imogen's travelled to the Gold Coast, Sydney and South Africa.

Mum Robyn

Name: Imogen Wade

Age: Seven months

Parents: Robyn and Jason

Where from: Griffith born, South African family

Best thing about her: Easy going, smiles at everyone (except photographers)

Worst habit: Doesn’t sleep well

Favourite TV show: The Wiggles

Favourite foods: Bananas

Preferred music style: Anything to which she can dance. 

Predicted future career: Dancer or artist, though her family are all teachers. 

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