Hundreds flock to annual Tiaan festival

Hundreds of local ladies dressed in their finery gathered together as Griffith’s Punjabi (Indian) community celebrated the annual Tiaan festival on Saturday.

The festival showcased Indian music, food and culture. 

Organiser Loveleen Kaur said that the event was a chance for friends to get together. 

“Traditionally, it’s a get together for friends that happens in monsoon month,” she said.

“All of the girls would come home from harvest from their in-laws to their parents to catch up and have fun.”

The celebration has since become a staple of the local calendar. 

Building on tradition, the festival’s organisers have added their own touch by incorporating a traditional dance showcase. 

“We’ve modernised it a bit with stage performances, but it’s the same get-together among friends,” Mrs Kaur said. 

Women and children of all ages took part. 

“The little kids get involved. They perform and get in touch with culture and tradition,” she said.

“The best part is getting together with all of your friends and dressing up.”


The festival was also a chance to showcase Indian culture through food, music and dance. 

“We also invite all of the other communities. We invite all our Australian friends and friends from other nationalities to come together and have fun together,” Ms Kaur said.