Griffith's Multicultural Festival aproaches

Celebrating all things cultural, Griffith’s Multicultural Festival on October 14 is set to be the best yet.

Organiser Carmel La Rocca said in it’s ninth year running, participation and interest is growing out of sight for their event held at Griffith Memorial Park.

“It just gets bigger and better every year. It started small, and it has been growing ever since, and we always let the festival take it’s own course, we never want to restrict it,” Ms La Rocca said.

“It includes a lot of different acts, and every year there is something different, and it’s exciting to see these things come from our town, it gives such a rich cultural experience.”

This year one of the most anticipated acts is the Sihk martial arts display, as well as the usual myriad of traditional dancing, foods, performance experiences, and most importantly, the spaghetti eating contest.


“We always start the festival off with a flag parade of around 50 strong, and we go around the park and up the road, and its super popular.”

Last years festival saw a hugely popular 35 strong Italian choir from Sydney, as well as an piano accordion group.

If you want to get involved in the festival or want more information, contact Carmel La Rocca on 0412811343.