My Jam Profile: Emily Adamson

Meet 13-year-old Emily Adamson, a young singer and guitarist who will be performing at My Jam on September 23, who is fast becoming a well-known member of the Griffith community.

With a rapidly growing list of performances under her belt, Emily certainty has the thirst and talent for performing.

She has performed in talent quests and music competitions such as the recent Nancy Blumer Talent Quest, Griffith Amateur Talent Quest and many Eisteddfods over the past four years.

“I play a bit of everything really, but my favorite band at the moment is Foo Fighters, and I play a couple of their songs too,” Miss Adamson said.

“I am looking forward to performing in front of a large crowd, because it is something I really enjoy doing.”

Emily is also keen to hear the other local artists performing at My Jam.


“I’m looking forward to seeing my old guitar teacher Zac Robertson perform, Charlie Jones, Lara Camm and Anastasia Comarin.”

“I want to start writing a couple of songs, but not depend on it as my future career. I’ve been playing and singing for around four years, now and I love it.”