Yenda fire station pushes for gender equality ahead of recruitment information night

Gender equality is a main recruitment focus ahead of an open night for those interested in becoming a Yenda firefighter

Fire and Rescue NSW Yenda Fire Station currently has nine fire fighters, all of whom are male. 

But capital Gavin Raccanello wants to see that change.

“I’d like to see 50 per cent female representation here. We have all the facilities for women. People think it’s a man’s job, but it really isn’t”.

His daughter Olivia isn’t swayed.

“I am going to become a policewoman when I grow up.” she said.

But Mr Raccanello said the fire station is a great place to work.

“Unlike stations in Sydney, our workplace has a real family feel. We all live nearby, and everyone feels they are part of the community”.

“We are sixty years old, and the only emergency services still in town, so people appreciate us,” he said. 

“All our employees have worked here for a long time”.

Open night is at Yenda fire station on Thursday September 14 at 730pm