Washing away boredom in a modern and friendly launderette

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There’s more to doing your washing than just needing clean clothes when you go to Little Red Launderette. Owners Cobus and Renae Villa created a retro theme and have even named all the machines.

“We wanted to develop a laundry with high quality machines and a great atmosphere – where people could meet and greet in a clean friendly environment and put some fun into the everyday tedious task of washing,” Renae.

The idea to build the laundromat started about 10 months ago when the couple saw a growing need for the service. Griffith’s steady population growth and increasing seasonal and contract work driven by major agricultural and poultry sectors was the motivation behind finding a central location for the laundromat.

“We wanted to have easy access for everyone, including wheelchair access,” Renae said.

With a great location and atmosphere the couple were determined to find the highest quality machines possible.

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“After many hours of research and phone calls we discovered Girbau Australia,” Renae said.

“The Girbau machines were everything we were looking for.

“They are state-of-the-art environmentally friendly machines – water efficient and energy efficient, with the added benefit of a soft touch drum system being gentle on garments.”

However, finding the best machines just wasn’t enough for Renae and Cobus they went one step further by installing self-dispensing units to each washer.

“This system injects high quality detergent and softener into each wash cycle at the correct time in order to give a quality wash and continue to ensure garment care,” Renae said.

“Not only does this system allow customer convenience and value for money but the detergents are also safe for our environment containing no harsh chemicals and are PH balanced making them gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

“This system and detergent is designed and used within Aged Care facilities to care for those with sensitive skin.”

Little Red Launderette is the first coin operated laundromat within the Griffith region to have automatically feed detergent dispensers and the second in the Riverina.