Baby of the week: Zoe Marshall, the sweet potato-munching spiderwoman

The Area News baby of the week is Zoe Marshall.

Zoe is the daughter of Kyle – the regular thorn amongst the roses at Griffith City Library’s baby bounce

Kyle is a carpenter who has put his career on hold to look after Zoe while mum Sarah works. Kyle and Zoe tend to own the dance floor.

Name: Zoe Marshall

Age: Eighteen months

Parents: Sarah and Kyle Marshall

Where from: Griffith born

Best thing about her: Always happy, rarely cries

Worst habit: Spiderman-like climber. She climbs any object in front of her – chairs, tables, buildings. 

Favourite TV show: Sarah & Duck

Favourite foods: Sweet potato

Preferred music style: Fast, upbeat tunes. Basically anything she can mosh to. 

Predicted future career: Teacher 

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