Yoogali SC too strong for Griffith City Two in GDFA AAM

Yoogali SC has sent a warning to the other sides in the GDFA competition with a dominant 15-0 win over Griffith City Two on Sunday afternoon.

Four goals from Mairo Tikerberi and Algis Roog, as well as a hat-trick from Grant Davidson,  prove the difference makers.

The scoreline was only 4-0 at halftime however the Yoogali players got a roll on to score 11 second half goals.

Roog was the main man along with Darren Bailey, who scored two of his own as they either scored or assisted in many of the goals scored.

While a one-sided game may not be the best way to prepare for the finals in two weeks captain, Michael DePaoli said there were benefits his side would be able to take out of the match.

“It is good I suppose in terms of numbers to clock up a few goals,” he said.

“It's not about the amount of goals we score it is more about the way we play and how we go about those goals. 

“It is easy to go for goals and get as many as you can, but at this stage, it is just about playing good football.

“That has to be our priority at the moment this week and next week and take it into finals after that.”

DePaoli said it came down to the attitude his teammates had after a game where they were able to develop their finishing.

“The amount of opportunities you get in a game like this the more you miss as well by pure percentages,” he said.

“As long as the boys see it the right way and are positive about the ones they score and not negative about the ones that they don't score.”

The Yoogali SC captain was pleased with the way his side developed their play during the game.

“I think it was good that we weren't trying to be direct we weren't trying to hit long balls, we weren't trying to dribble as many people as we can,” he said. 

“It literally was one touch, two touch pass move, pass move and create chances for our mates.

“That is the kind of style you need to win at the end of the year and that is the style we need to be playing.”

Given the multitude of contributors throughout the game, DePaoli said it was difficult to single just one out.

“I think everyone pretty much had the even amount of the ball and everyone was doing their job,” he said.

“It is more about the team at the moment rather than individuals.”

With one round remaining in the regular season Yoogali SC will need Hanwood White to drop a game to take top spot heading into final, but after the win, they do have superior goal difference.