At The Bar with NRL and AFL finals approaching

ODDS ON FAVOURITES: Speedy feels it will be hard for anyone to stop the Melbourne Storm claiming the 2017 NRL Premiership. PHOTO: AAP
ODDS ON FAVOURITES: Speedy feels it will be hard for anyone to stop the Melbourne Storm claiming the 2017 NRL Premiership. PHOTO: AAP

With the finals for the NRL approaching, it is hard to see anyone getting past Melbourne Storm when it comes time for the Grand Final.

In this week’s edition of At The Bar, Michael ‘Speedy’ Stratton and The Area News’ sports journalist Liam Warren look forward to the business end of the season.

Liam: Well Speedy the end of the season is fast approaching who do you think will take it out.

Speedy: With four rounds to go as far as I'm concerned there is only one team in it and that is Melbourne. They just go out there and play football the way it should be played. There is no weakness in the side of course coming into the big games as you would know injuries are going to play a part and if they can stay clear of any serious injuries they are going to be really hard to hold out.

Liam: Who do you think will join them?

Speedy: With the rest, the Roosters are up there but they were leading 16-4 on Sunday and they got rolled by Manly. I don't know whether that is premiership winning form or not especially at this stage of the year. Cowboys got beaten by Melbourne and everyone is saying that they can't win it without Thurston, maybe, but then again if they produce their best, they are in with some sort of a show.

Liam: The Sharkies losing to the Raiders was a bit of a surprise given it was up at Shark Park.

Speedy: I'm not taking anything away from the Raiders. On their day they can beat any team, but they have left it too late. Cronulla for the defending premiers they are just not playing like defending premiers at times I mean you'd think because they won it last year they would be there all year and they have been, but they have lost a game or two they probably should have won. 

Liam: So who do you reckon will join Melbourne in the decider.

Speedy: I’m going for Penrith they have a good young side.

Liam: What have you made of the AFL this season.

Speedy: Adelaide are on top and deserve to be, but they may have a few challenges starting to come their way. Looking at the grand final at this stage I think the Crows will be in one corner and the Richmond Tigers will be in the other. What do you think?

Liam: I don’t know Richmond just have a tendency to lose games they should be winning.

Speedy: I think they are getting better and I think their mental approach to it is getting stronger and that’s why I think they will be there. 

Liam: The Crows have a tough test coming up in the next couple of weeks taking on the Swans.

Speedy: I forgot about the Swannies. I will have to change my tip. I will stick with the Crows in one corner and either the Swans or Tigers in the other