Car crash, break and enter, and PCA charges.

About 11pm Sunday August 6 Clifton Boulevard a 30-year-old woman in a Toyota Echo was driving south when it veered into an empty Rodeo parked outside a house.

She contacted a family member to pick her up and take her to the hospital, however no serious injuries were sustained.

She wasn't able to move her car, having wedged the car into the other.

Police attended at 11.30pm after being contacted by owner of other vehicle, after which they then went to hospital and spoke to the driver.


Further action will be determined after the results from blood analysis are returned.

Around 8.20pm Saturday night in Kookora Street a camping fridge and a grinder was stolen from the rear tray of a vehicle.

The owners were alerted by dogs barking around 8.20 pm, when they noticed the vehicle’s interior light was on with a door wide open. 

A business premises on Railway Street was broken into around 3.30am Saturday.

A front window had been broken which was then used to open the window, triggering an alarm scaring the offender off before he could remove items from the building. 

About 9.55pm Friday night, a 25 year-old man blew 0.168 after being pulled over for a random breath test on Banna Avenue.

The man was conveyed to Griffith LAC Police station, where he was issued a court notice for a high range Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA) charges, with driving privileges suspended.