Baby of the week: Camilla Charles

If looks could kill. The Area News’ baby of the week is 19-month-old Camilla Charles. 

On Tuesday we saw her two-minute roller coaster relationship with bestie and cousin Brooklyn, which recovered from her giving him daggers for not sharing his chips.  

The friendship evolved in three stages. 

Brooklyn, you’re going to be my best friend forever.

What are you doing eating that chip with that smug look? You’re dead. 

Forget the chips. Let’s cuddle. 

Now let’s find out some more about Camilla – the death stare princess. 

Name: Camilla Charles

Age: 19 months

Parents: Hannah Dal Broi and Joshua Charles

Where from: Griffith

Best thing about her: Amazingly good cuddler. Good dancer

Worst habits: Very clingy towards mum, messy

Favourite TV show: Wiggles

Favourite foods: Pasta of course, her mum’s Italian 

Preferred music style: Anything by the Wiggles

Predicted future career: An early childhood educator like mum, she loves looking after other babies. 

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